CJ Higgins

they/them pronouns

CJ is a Philadelphia-local theatre artist. They began podcasting when they were fifteen years old as one of the members of Bloodsuckers: A Twilight Podcast. CJ has been a member of the LGBTQIA+ community since they were sixteen as a bisexual androgyne, which they're more proud of than the Twilight podcast thing. CJ and Jenn met during their time studying Theatre Arts at Rowan University.


Jenn Adams

she/her and they/them pronouns

Jenn is a performer and visual artist on the outskirts of the Philadelphia area. They have only very recently come out publicly, but has had one foot out of the closet for nearly half a decade and is ready to start fighting for a sci-fi gay utopia. Though this is Jenn’s first experience in podcasting, she has a long history of talking and is very excited to bring her and CJ's frequent conversations about queerness to you on a biweekly basis.